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Customer Feedback for

"Your notification worked great. You emailed me saying the 2 business class Avios seats I wanted CPT - LHR were available which allowed me to call BA and nab them."

Mark British Airways Flyer

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Managed to grab 2 tickets to see Elton John from the Marriott box because of the Alerts. Fast approaching my three year membership anniversary, and it’s been exquisite value."

Callum Marriot Bonvoy Moments collector

"Thank you. Because of seat spy, I was alerted to First Class reward seats to Singapore and back. Thanks to you, my honeymoon will be even better!"

Jacob British Airways Flyer

"Just wanted to say thank you and compliment you on a brilliant service. You made changing upgrade seats to a more suitable date very easy."

Geoff British Airways Flyer

"I am pleased to say that having called BA Executive Club I was able to upgrade my ticket from Economy to Club. Thank you very much for the service."

Euan British Airways Flyer


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