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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

About SeatSpy

SeatSpy helps solve the problem of finding airline reward seats. Its goal is to allow people that have collected air miles and airline reward loyalty points to easily see which seats are available as Reward Seats.

To use the site, you select the airline and the route that you want to search for reward seat availability. We then show you all of the reward seat availability, for every cabin class, for almost a whole year. No more re-entering search details, creating a new search with a different cabin class or with new dates when you might be able to travel.

SeatSpy currently keeps track of reward seat availability for the following airlines:

  • Air France
  • American Airlines
  • Austrian (Beta)
  • British Airways
  • Brussels Airlines(Beta)
  • Croatia Airlines(Beta)
  • Etihad
  • KLM
  • LOT Polish Airlines(Beta)
  • Swiss Airlines(Beta)
  • United Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic

Yes, this is the primary goal of the site. Instead of having to keep coming back to our site, or the airlines site, to check if any new reward seats have become available, we will send you a message when we detect that there are more reward seats available for the routes you are interested in.

We'll let you know by sending you a text message and an email whenever we've detected new availability.

Once you know that the reward seats you are interested in are available, you can get in touch with the airline by phone or on their website to book or upgrade to the reward seats.

When SeatSpy shows results for flight route searches, it shows results for direct flights that are flown on the airline's own aircraft.

You can contact us using the Support tab that appears on the left hand side of every page on the SeatSpy site. This registers a contact ticket on our system to help us keep track of all enquiries.


If you search our site for reward seat availability and the seats you want are not available, it is possible that the airline will release more award seats between now and the time you want to fly. You would normally have to keep coming back to SeatSpy or to the airlines website to check if they have released more reward seats on the flights you want.

Instead, you can now set an alert for the route that you are interested in on SeatSpy and when we detect that new seats have become available, we'll send you a message.

Tell us which route that you want to fly on and the range of dates that you are able to travel. We'll then constantly monitor that route and if we detect that any new reward seats become available, we'll send you a message to let you know. You can then book or upgrade to the seats by calling the airline or booking on the airline's website.

Here are all of the options that you can set for an alert

  • Airline
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Outbound Date Range
    • The range of dates that you are able to travel on. Setting a range of dates is the key to improving yhour chances of finding availability.
  • Inbound Date Range
    • The range of dates that you are able to travel back on.
  • Number of Passengers
    • The number of people you want to find reward seats for
  • Cabin Classes
    • Which cabin class do you want to travel, First Class, Business? You can select multiple cabin classes to be notified about any new availability for any of them.
  • One way or Return flight
  • Mobile Notifications
    • You can receive notifications on different mobile services like SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram, but, there is a limit to how many mobile notifications you can receive each month. Use this option to make sure that your mobile notifications are saved for your most important alerts.
  • Max Points
    • Some airlines use 'Dynamic Pricing' to vary the number of points needed to book a reward seat. Airlines like Air France and United do this. If you only want to hear about these airlines cheaper rewards seats then set the maximum points you want to pay in the Max Points field and we'll only let you know about new reward seat availability that is less than or equal to that value.

An example of an alert could be an alert to let you know if any new reward seats become available for a BA return flight from London to New York, for 2 people, travelling between 2nd February and the 9th February in either Business or First Class.

Or, for an airline that varies the price of reward seats like Air France, you could set an alert to notify you of any new availability between Paris and Barcelona for economy seats that are 6,000 points or less between 1 August and 31 August.

Return alerts are very broad and will send you notifications of any new seat availability in both directions for any date in the range you have set

One way alerts are much more specific allowing you to set more specific time ranges, but you need to set up an alert for each flight you want notifications for.

If we take an example search:

  • London Heathrow to Cape Town Dec 20 – returning Jan 3

You can either create one return alert or two one-way alerts.

The return alert will notify you of any new availability in both directions between the dates that you have selected. For example, if a seat becomes available on the outbound leg on Dec 21st, you will receive a notification. Similarly, if a seat became available on the return leg on Jan 1st you would receive a notification.

one-way alerts can be much more specific. If you are only interested on availability for the exact days or for a very tight range of dates, you would be better off setting up two one-way alerts. If you set up one-way alerts for

  1. London - Cape Town on Dec 20
  2. Cape Town - London on Jan 3

Then you will only receive alerts if seats become available on these specific dates. If you were a little more flexible, you might set these one-way alerts up for Dec 20 - 21 and for Jan 2 - 3. This way you would be notified of new seat availability for this tight range of dates, but you wouldn't get alerts if seats become available in the 25th December like you would for the return alert.

So, a return alert is very broad and you will be notified of ANY new availability between the two dates. Even if availability appears on the return leg the day after you have stated you want to fly out. This works best if you can very flexible about travel dates.

A one-way alert is very specific and works best when you are less flexible about dates. You can set the exact date or a very small range of dates that you want notifications for.

As soon as you login to SeatSpy, there is a link at the top of the screen named Alerts. Click on this link to see a list of all of the alerts that you have set up. There is an option beside each alert to delete it. Deleting the alert will stop our tracking of this route for you and will stop any more messages being sent for this alert.

There is also a direct link in the emails that tell you about new seat availability. If you no longer want to receive alert messages for this alert, click on the email link and it will immediately delete the alert and prevent any more messages being generated for it.

Alerts are automatically deleted when the End Date of the alerts Date Range is passed. For example, if you were looking for availability between 2nd and 9th February, then, on 10th February, our system will delete your alert for you as there is no longer any possibility of finding new reward seat availability for this alert.

Depending on which subscription level you sign up to, you can opt to have alert notifications sent to you via SMS text message or WhatsApp message. Many people find message notification more prominent on their phones or laptops and prefer to have messages when they are waiting for important notifications.

These mobile alert messages are subject to a fair usage policy as the delivery of each message is an additional cost to us. Mobile alert messages are limited to 30 messages per month. A count of your mobile alert message usage is shown on your account page under the option to select your preferred delivery method.


If you reach your monthly quota of 30 messages, you will be sent an additional message informing you of this. You will then continue to receive email alert notifications, but you won't receive any further mobile alert messages until your quota resets. The quota resets on the 1st of every month.

You can avoid using unnecessary messages each month by keeping your alert date ranges as specific as possible. If you set a very large date range, for example from 1st February to 1st August, this can potentially generate many alert notifications per day which will quickly use up your message quota.

At 30 messages per month we find very few people reach their monthly limit if they set reasonable date ranges for personal use.

Pricing & Subscriptions

We offer two levels of subscription, with varying features available in each.

You can see the latest pricing details on our Pricing page at:

You can cancel at any time by logging in, going to My Account, and choosing the Subscriptions option.  You will see the details of your current subscription and be able to choose the option to cancel.

If you cancel part way through a billing period, you will continue to have access to the features of your subscription tier for the remainder of the period, but will not be charged again when it ends.  You will not receive a refund for the remaining part of the billing period.

You can change the payment card that you use to pay for your subscription from the Account -> Subscriptions page at

You can navigate to this page by logging in to your account on the SeatSpy site and clicking on the Account option in the menu at the top of every page. This takes you to your Account page from which you can review your subscriptions by following the Subscriptions link in the menu on the left of the page.

This subscriptions page will list all detail about your current subscription, including the card you are using to pay, with an option to "Update Payment Card Details". Clicking this link will let you update your card details or change to a different card.

Yes, we have a Refer A Friend scheme that gives you 1 months worth of credit when you refer someone that goes on to take out a paid subscription. You can find your unique referral code and an easy way to send it to friends under the My Account -> Refer friends page at

Read more about referring friends in the Refer A Friend section of this FAQ.

Refer friends and earn credit

If you Refer A Friend who goes on to take out a paid subscription you will earn 3 months credit for your own subscription.

Your friend must sign up using your unique referral code that you can find on your My Account -> Refer friends page at

You can find your unique referral Link at My Account -> Refer friends page at

Send this link to your friends when you tell them about SeatSpy.

We have created a template email that you can send to your friends from the My Account -> Refer friends page at

Scroll down to see the template email and enter your friends email address. The template automatically includes your personal and unique referral code so you don't have to add anything to it.

You can see the template email that we will send them so you know what message they will receive.

Click the Send Friend Referral button to send the email.

Award Wallet Integration

AwardWallet helps you keep track of all of your loyalty points including frequent flyer miles, hotel points, dining rewards and shopping rewards. If there is a loyalty program that offers incentive points, AwardWallet will probably know about it and they will help you track your points, including alerting you when your points are about to expire.

AwardWallet is designed to be integrated into other services like SeatSpy, so, by linking your AwardWallet account, we'll be able to show you how many points you have for the airline that you are searching for.

If you don't already have an AwardWallet account, you can sign up for one for free at

When you sign in to your SeatSpy account, you will see an AwardWallet connect option under the Account menu icon. Click the red Connect button next to the AwardWallet label.

Or, from the Account Details page, there is a section to connect to AwardWallet. Click the Connect button.

This will bring up an AwardWallet dialog box asking you to authorise access to your loyalty account balances. You may have to login to your AwardWallet account first.

That's it. Once you have done this your AwardWallet account is connected and you can see your layalty point balances from SeatSpy.

If you want to disconnect your AwardWallet account, you can do this from your AwardWallet account at

From your dashboard, choose the Manage Connections option from the left hand column. From here you choose to revoke access to your AwardWallet balances from anyone that you have shared them with.

Other Questions

If you run MalwareBytes or Ad Blocking software, it can interfere with the loading of the availability calendar results page. Some people have reported that the page will display our Loading message with our spinning arrows but will not progress past this. Turning off ad blocking software allows the results to be displayed.

The ad blocking software only effects a very small proportion of the users of the site. It prevents our code loading only because it thinks the code resemble some advertising activity, not because we are attempting to display adverts on the page.